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The Game of Thrones post.

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I have an aversion to big, american TV shows. It's not that I think they're bad it's that I really can't be arsed to invest that much time in anything. It came as a surprise that I have found myself enthralled by The Game of Thrones.
I usually dismiss the majority of fantasy books as either fluff, poor quality Tolkien rip offs (I'm looking directly at you, Terry Brookes . . .) or just plain childish so I generally don't read them. I haven't read the books* upon which Game of Thrones is based and I probably won't ever do so but that has perhaps made me more objective when it came to watching the show.
I love the show.
I like the lack of that fantasy staple, Good vs Evil.
I like the fact that, just like the history of This Sceptre'd Isle upon which I dwell, anyone can die.
Royal favorites rise and fall as loyalties are tested and circumstances change.
"This reminds me of the Wars of the Roses", I thought and then Julia told me that she'd read an interview with George R R Martin when he'd said that he had taken some inspiration from that conflict. Later I thought that York and Lancaster were suspiciously close to Stark and Lannister.
It's also well acted and employs nearly every British and Irish character actor still capable of walking. From Roger Allam to Peter Vaughn via Anton Lesser (who can never do any wrong in my eyes) and Dame Diana Rigg.

I do have some problems with the production. As I pointed out in an earlier post the inability of the female cast to retain their clothing is getting a bit gratuitous for me - and I like attractive young ladies, I really do - but the novelty is wearing off now.

I've eagerly consumed three complete series' and now await the fourth with some anticipation.

*Two people whose literary opinions I respect have read the books. One hated them. One loved them. Make of that what you will.
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On 5th March 2014 07:11 (UTC), MelJPotter commented:
Waiting for Pureteenlard the book
Another entertaining, yet only too short post here but still an erudite analysis of life in the 21st Century. I'm looking forward with no small amount of anticipation to your first novel, shortly followed by the screen play of course. I hear the working title is 'M6 rantings from an angry mind', inspired as always.
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