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All good things.

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As some of you may know, I am devoted to BBC Radio 4 with a particular fondness for some of it's excellent comedy. A lot of well known TV comedy started out on Radio 4 including The League of Gentlemen, Goodness gracious me and, perhaps most enduring of all, The Hitchiker's Guide to The Galaxy.
I should now like to add John Finnemore's Cabin Pressure to the list of Great British Radio Comedies.
It is, in a word, Brilliant.
Or, rather, it was. Alas it has now finished although the last episode has not yet been broadcast. Set mainly aboard the single, dilapidated aircraft of a struggling charter company (not an airline - since, as the owner explains, "You cannot put a single aircraft in a line. What I have is an airdot"), Cabin Pressure is genuinely funny. It's also well researched, beautifully written and performed by a seriously talented cast. It is also, apparently, followed by seriously talented, if weirdly obsessed, fans. When the last episode, "Zurich", was announced (not really a shock since they are alphabetical from "Abu Dhabi" to "Yverdon-Les-Bains") a load of them got together and produced this;

1:23 shows the true geekiness of these people.
That I noticed it shows that I am a fellow geek!

If you go to that youtube page you will find all the episodes there for your listening delight.

By the way, girlie-types, did I mention it starred Benedict Cumberbatch? No? Well it does.

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